Thursday, February 19, 2009

Room of the Week 2.19

I sent this room by designer Kristen Buckingham to a client of mine a couple of weeks ago when were were brainstorming ideas, and I just can't get it out of my head! This space is such a perfect example of how to pull off an eclectic look while remaining somewhat refined.
kristen buckingham living room

The punch of patterns and the vivid green lamp provide all the excitement this room needs to be sure that the focus remains on the amazing wall of art. Keeping the tones similar (orange, bronze, brown and that little pop of green) helps pull it all together. It reminds me of some crazy grandmother's house that you don't appreciate until you're much older... and then you realize how incredibly cool grandma was.

*a little update...

Thanks to Maegan for pointing out that this home is featured in the March issue of Elle Decor as well (obviously I haven't gone through the latest issue yet!). Here's their styled take on it...

Which do you prefer? Rug, or no rug? Oh, and to answer one reader's question regarding this style rug, it's a Moroccan style called Beni Ourain that has recently become very popular. West Elm is doing a similar version, or, for the real thing, pop over to Maryam's flickr site to see some of her selections!