Monday, March 2, 2009

Draping Your Jewels... Continued!

A few weeks ago I asked readers to share their ideas for displaying jewelry, and got an incredible response! So, I thought I'd give you all a bit of an update on my work-in-progress at home...

I have a small console table that I bought years ago from West Elm, and right now it's residing in a corner of my bedroom, right next to the closet, which means it's the perfect spot for keeping all my baubles. Above the console is a bulletin board above where some of my more delicate necklaces are hanging for the moment.

The bowl is a piece I've been coveting from Anthropologie for a while, and this was a perfect excuse to snatch one up! Now, all my large bangles and cuffs are residing in beautiful orange ikat. A few necklaces dangle from the fabric bulletin board, but there are more that need a little storage spot. Still working on that! The small dish is vintage - I have a set of six of them at home and decided to use one for rings and small earrings.

Readers also passed along some of their own jewelry setups and inspirations...

This beautiful coral piece came via Isla, and I loved this little vanity area from Domino.

A coco+kelley sponsor, the setup on the left is from the Vancouver BC shop, Oliver & Lilly's, while the genius corkboard (inside the door of an armoire!) came from The Fab Miss B.

And, with a similar style and aesthetic to mine, I really loved these ideas from Auburn & Ivory. Little hooks hung from a branch, a few little bowls, and a birdcage? So creative!