Thursday, March 26, 2009

From The Office Of: Relish Small Pleasures

When I moved to LA over two years ago, a series of random events led me to an interview with Annie & Michael Towey, owners of the fantastically original shop, Empiric, where I worked for nearly a year. I fell in love with these guys instantly, and learned so much from their eclectic aesthetic - each of them having a unique take on similar styles. So, it was only natural that I ask Annie to help launch this first week of style (e)scapes! I think you're gonna like this one...
Its fitting that Cassie would include me in her (e)scapes desktop series because my home office is a serious work in progress! A little over a month ago I decided to redo the sitting room off my bedroom and make it a creative retreat. A place where I could properly store all of the things that inspire me day in and day out. As most designers will probably agree, choosing pieces for your own home can sometimes be far more difficult than working with a clients space. Even with folders full of inspiration this job is proving to be no different. With that in mind, I managed to narrow things down by choosing this home office designed by Celerie Kemble for inspiration to base my choices off of.

Bold, rich colors layered on patterns and textures instantly attracted me to this room. I love how polished it is and, when I have so many projects up in the air, I want to be grounded in a totally finished space. Although I'm not going to use the same palette, I have chosen one loud color as my base to tie it all together and give it the same cohesive look. Burnt Orange and shades of warm brown are a favorite that I think I can live with for awhile and when I happened upon the Shell Toile wallpaper from Brunschwig & Fils a sketch was born.

As with anything, I have to be realistic about what the 100 square feet I am working with can accommodate and what it needs verse what I want. I look forward to completing this room with the basic necessities as my co-pilot. The following is my list of office must haves, in order of

* Lighting: No room is truly finished without proper light sources. My office will have a pair of table lamps on the desk as well as a floor lamp and one or two wall fixtures.

* Seating: Although a place to lounge in an office is nice the 100 sq feet I am dealing with makes this a challenge. A comfortable and practical desk chair will curb the craving.

* Storage: Our living room built-ins have runneth over with books on design and architecture that would be better kept in cubby's above the desk and in a storage hutch on the back wall of the room. This hutch will also be used for homeless dishes and bowls we received as wedding gifts that need a proper place to be displayed. Above the desk will be a cork board for loose papers and pictures and flanking the desk on either side are larger drawers for all of the unsightly things not worthy of desk top display.

* Flooring: We have dark wood floors throughout so this room will need an area rug to set it apart and make it a little cozier. I'm undecided but a strong contender is a dark striped wool rug
that will bring warmth and {more} color.

* The Jewels: Last but so important are the finishing touches. No room of mine would be, well, mine without an elephant! A solid crystal vase will find a new home as my pen holder. Little vintage dishes for easy access to pins and clips, a leather blotter, my beloved jackalope Otis,
and of course, a wall clock to keep track of all the time I spend doing what I love!

Visit me in a month or two and check out the final product and a big thanks to Cassie for forcing me to get my butt in gear and get these ideas on paper. xo

ps - all items seen here including furniture, built in wall unit, wallpaper, and accessories, designed and sold through empiric!

I love Annie's break down of this space - ordering what is important to you and what's realistic is such a huge part of creating the perfect design to fit your needs. I hope to post some photos of the finished product in the future! I'm sure it's going to be even better than I can already imagine in my head. Thanks Annie!