Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From The Office Of: Tobi Fairley

Our next guest blogger has been causing quite a stir in the interior design world lately (just named in Traditional Home Magazine as one of the Top 20 Young Designers in America!) and her work is definitely an inspiration. On top of it all she somehow finds time to share her style with a loyal following of readers on her own blog as well.

The talented Tobi Fairley was willing to not only share her own home office with us, but also her 'must haves' for a relaxing work space, and her favorite office inspiration... (is there anything you can't do m'dear?).
I try to work from home on Fridays to catch up on blogging which I cannot do in the office. I have a ritual of fresh flowers, candle burning, hot tea with honey and a little high-quality chocolate as a snack. I actually have my treadmill in my office too and a small TV for when I want to check out CNN or HGTV.

I have always loved this office from Jan Showers! I love the way the desk is pushed up against the bookshelves, I love the desk, the carpet, the Venetian glass lamp! It is all fab! I also happen to love the office in Laurie Smith’s (from Trading Spaces) book. She also has an amazing desk from Smyda woodworking pushed up against the shelves.

And my Top 5 must haves for a relaxing work space:

*1. Canvas boxes to keep all the clutter hidden if not organized (mine are from West Elm and the Container Store) *2. Fresh Flowers *3. Candles *4. Small TV *5. Bose I-pod docking station for mood music.
Tobi, I think we share a love of the same spaces, because I've had that same office in my inspiration files as well! And, um... can we say holy organized?? I'm impressed with the coordinated boxes! Such a fun palette as well - thank you so much for joining us!