Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mary Jo Matsumoto: Fall '09 Collection Sneak Peek!

As a fashion lover and totally inept seamstress, I'm consistently amazed by the many designers who can actually see their visions to from a sketch to a finished product, and that includes the incredibly talented Mary Jo Matsumoto of the blog Trust Your Style.

Mary Jo recently sent me a photo of this beautifully detailed silk dress from her new Fall 09 collection and I happen to think it's just stunning. And, as a little extra special something, the dress is completely lined with an upside down heart textile she designed (no sneak peek of that yet!) and is actually the people-sized version of a design she did for this year's Blythe charity fashion show in Tokyo...

So cute!! If you haven't stopped by her blog, do! She's got wonderful style and is an amazingly sweet woman to top it off! I can't wait to see the entire collection and hopefully share it with you all too!