Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 5: Elements for An Office (e)Scape

When it really comes down to it, there are a few essential elements to my office that will make or break the space for me. They may seem fairly basic in some ways, but I also find that building a little guide for not only the room, but the desk it itself, will help keep the focus on core pieces when approaching a design. Here are my Top 5:
coco+kelley top five wood chrome
I absolutely love mixing glam and organic elements (I like to call it orglamic!), and my office space will be no exception. While I am usually drawn to gold these days, I cannot get over how chic these chrome elements look in these spaces. To balance it? How about a worn in wood farm table or chair? On the desktop, use these same elements - such as a chrome stapler and wood box - to balance each other.
*top rooms via nate berkus and domino, bottom via domino and hallie burton

coco+kelley top five white and color
As I mentioned yesterday in my inspiration board, I crave white spaces when I'm designing, so it's a key element for me - notice how even just keeping with all white matting in the artwork creates a crisp look! For the desktop, white accessories help in keeping the space feeling clean and uncluttered.

Of course, all white gets a little sterile, so I absolutely believe in injecting a bit of color to energize a space! (Like Melissa's chairs that you all loved so much yesterday!) I like to pick one colorful piece to create a little interest in the room and continue that color throughout the space with a throw rug, pillows, storage containers, or desktop elements.
*top rooms via sandra lane and ?, bottom via s.r. gambrel and domino

coco+kelley top five acrylic
Finally, yes, I'll admit. I'm a lucite junkie. My desktop will include lots of lucite or acrylic elements, but I also try not to go overboard with them. I also love the ghost chairs, and how fantastic is this vintage acrylic base roll top desk? To me lucite serves the same purpose as white - it keeps things light - while also providing a little glam factor.
*rooms via visual vamp and jay jeffers

What about you? What elements would you add to this list that are key for your work space?