Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 5: Pieces for an Office (E)scape

Earlier in the week, I introduced the Top 5 Elements for my dream office: (chrome or metallic materials, worn in wood, white space, injections of color and lucite or glass). Today, I'm talkin' actual essential pieces.
top 5 office pieces
*1. I think most of you will agree that we love seeing other people's inspiration boards - I love mine. Whenever I feel like I need a fresh burst of creativity, I switch it up and it helps immensely!

*2.I spend hours at my laptop, and I'm realizing how incredibly important it is to have a quality chair to sit in for all that time. Of course, I hate to sacrifice style in the process, so, unfortunately that's a splurge that I haven't had the budget for ... yet! But I consider it an absolute necessity.

*3. Storage is a given. I prefer the all white look, like this shelving arrangement, but it's also fun to find items to repurpose for storage, like vintage trunks and boxes, to mix in.

*4. Lighting!!! I don't even need to explain how key this is for a cheery workspace. I prefer lots of natural light, a desk light, and overhead lighting as well (preferably on a dimmer!)

*5. And finally, I think having a cozy element in the home office is a wonderful extra. If you don't have space for a nook, think about adding in a warm rug, maybe a small chair... any space to sit in that's not your desk!

*BONUS! I'm loving the idea of small stools or side tables to stack my magazines and books on so they're not cluttering my desk, but are still in arms reach. Also, if you have the space, a huge workspace is another plus. I need project space to spread out fabrics, inspirations, and more when working on client's projects.

*rooms via apt#34, living etc, circa lighting, and w magazine