Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aqua + Yellow

When I found this photo via the Sart, I had to save it for some inspiration. I'm never brave enough to combine two bright colors together without something to break them up - but obviously it works! (Note the chocolate brown clutch though - that's key!)
I had a dress this exact color that I wore to almost every wedding one summer - it's a fantastic shade that looks good on almost anyone! I'd love to recreate this style...

If there was a dress that would make me do it, it might be this one from Black Halo. I'm all over the asymmetry! Paired with a fab pair of yellow sandals (maybe not so much these Jimmy's, but something a bit more affordable) this look would be hot for a mid summer LA wedding... too bad mine are all in the Northwest!
This color combo is also daring in decor, but these are great examples of different ways to do it: elegant, retro, eclectic and with accessories.

*all rooms via domino, except the retro one... anyone know the source?