Thursday, April 2, 2009

Room of the Week 4.2

These days I'm needing a breath of fresh air for my small living space. I love the way this corner area is composed to appear larger than it is with scaled down furniture and eye catching, yet simple, artwork.

The all white walls and ceiling open up the space, low seating shelving and even artwork on the floor all make the walls seem taller than they likely are. Keeping things simple and uncluttered makes this teeny corner work. LOVE the artwork - clean, modern, and framed to blend with the walls. I'm pretty sure most of us could easily create something very similar! The woven chair and ottoman add some good natural texture and help warm things up a little. Maybe a small pillow or two would help too?

Just one thing... I'm going to guess that the chair and the little 'sofa' were switched for the symmetry of this photograph. Because who'd rather sit in that chair to watch TV?

*photo via floto+warner