Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Tabletops: Butterflies On White

Many of you know that I offer Interior Design services, but you may not know that my roots are actually in Event Design! Because of this, I have a true passion for creating unique tabletops, (yes, I offer Event Design services too!), so whenever the holidays roll around, I'm love the excuse to come up with new designs for my family's gatherings.

This year, we won't be hosting our usual Easter dinner, but instead bringing our small family together for a casual brunch - the perfect opportunity to create something a bit more lighthearted and relaxed...
living etc white bookshelf
I mentioned last week that I've been drawn to clean white spaces lately, and this dining room via Living Etc. had me immediately thinking out of the box a bit for my first spring tabletop design. I wanted to mimic the modern white with pops of color and a touch of vintage glamour to create a dream tablescape. Here's what I ended up with!

I knew I wanted to use my grandmother's china (the bottom dish) mixed with these sweet rose dishes (available in my etsy shop!), for a gilded garden setting, so my hunt for additional accessories started with these pieces in mind.

I found the butterfly napkins at Crate & Barrel and knew immediately that they were perfect to match my family's heirloom goblets - each a different color. I also found the glass dishes there - they provide a modern touch and pop of color to the table while keeping things light, and they offset the goblets nicely as well! Additional antique pieces like the silver flatware, S&P shakers, and cream and sugar set add to the glam factor.

I wanted the floral to be simple and modern as a contrast to all the crystal, gold and silver. I also wanted to mimic the idea of the white with pops of color, so I used mostly white tulips with a touch of orange (pulling the color from the butterflies!) in a very simple vase. I tried to make the arrangement a bit more structured, but the tulips were not cooperating!

I love the freshness of this setting for two reasons - it's unexpected and whimsical, and it's a great way to incorporate some antiques into a modern home. I know when I inherited these pieces, I wasn't sure how to make them work with my own aesthetic, and this is a great way to do it!

Brunch option #2 comin' up later this afternoon!!