Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Bridesmaid Dilemma: To Reuse or Not To Reuse?

I've been lucky in the sense that I've only been a bridesmaid twice. For one wedding I actually borrowed a dress. Which means I really only have one of those bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet... staring at me... daring me to try to just try wear it again...

The dress is actually adorable - it's a design by Coren Moore and it fits me perfectly. But, the question remains... can I actually wear it to an event? Especially another wedding?

Last weekend I put the dress on and paired with a few things I had sitting in my closet already and came up with these two looks. One, a more bold style involving lots of black accessories and a black and white ribbon sash that pulls it all together - at once preppy and dramatic. The other, a very coco+kelley-esque palette - a deep green sash and my signature clutch with the same gold shoes I've been wearing to just about every wedding (hey, at least they're broken in!).

So, my dears, I'm putting them to the test - what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Or should the dress stay quietly tucked away for another occasion??