Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chanel Couture: It's All in the Details

You didn't think I could mention the couture shows without talking Chanel, did you? While it wasn't one of my most favorite collections, there were some very very fabulous details...
On top of this gorgeous aubergine grey color, the frills, lace and tailoring are impeccably applied. But what I really loved were the lacy hats that looked more like black veils that topped many of the ensembles throughout the show.
When you really look closely at each piece on the runway, you gain a full appreciation for couture collections. Layers of applique, ruffles, feathers, frills, sequins and beading... oh my.
Even more amazing? Lagerfeld's ability to take dress styles and shapes from every era and bring them together in a fairly seamless collection. Simply stunning, and I'll take that bustled white number, thanks.