Tuesday, July 28, 2009

C+K Sponsor: Janey Mac Wall Art (and a SALE!)

Decals are such an easy way to freshen up a space - especially rentals! No drilling holes, picking out paint, or attempting DIY stencils (a disaster waiting to happen in my case!). So, I was thrilled when Janey Mac joined us on coco+kelley as a sponsor, because these vinyl wall art pieces are fantastic!
I've always loved the chandelier idea - and am a sucker cherry blossoms!!
But my favorite at their etsy shop might be this little tribute to NY... and guess what? If you're as bad at making decisions as I am, right now their decals are all buy one get one 1/2 off through July!
As a gal without a headboard to my name at the moment, I love the idea of this quick fix too! Pop over to their shop and check out the endless possibilities (many of them customizable!) for yourself!