Friday, July 24, 2009

Contest Winner! (And Scented Memories...)

I've never created a post inspired by a giveaway, but everyone's comments on what scents evoked memories for them set me over the top! So, I thought I'd share my own while I announce the winner (and a special deal for c+k readers!).
All of my favorite scents have to do with two of my most memorable places in the world - the cliffs of Sorrento where the lemon groves mix with salty sea breezes, and growing up in California where the sunshine made everything better...
If I had to pick only one though, Rosemary is probably my most favorite scent in the world. If I happen to walk by a bush, I always rub my fingers through it to make the scent linger with me through the day. It reminds me of my parents' garden and my father's cooking...
I love everything about the ocean, but the fresh scent of being out on it (not sitting in a stinky harbor) when you can feel the salt settling into your skin, mixing with sweat and suntan lotion... it reminds me of growing up on the beaches of California and my summer in Italy.
I recently rediscovered my love for Geraniums - their distinctive scent evokes warm summer days spent in the backyard of our family's home in Venice Beach.

And now the winner! Lauren Milankovski, congratulations! And for the rest of you - a special discount of 20% off any purchases made at Royal Apothic. Simply use the code "coco" upon checking out. Happy shopping my loves! Your homes with thank you!

*photography by enrique badulscu