Monday, August 17, 2009

Anna Spiro in Aussie Vogue!

I'm quite sure I won't be the only blogger posting on the lovely Anna Spiro's appearance in the latest issues of Aussie Vogue, but the photos were so fantastic (and so is she!) that I couldn't help it. Plus, just check out this cover! I absolutely love it...
If you're somehow not familiar with her blog, Anna writes Absolutely Beautiful Things, as an extension of her Brisbane shop, Black & Spiro, and was one of the original bloggers that inspired my own blogging!
Needless to say, she is an amazing talent (the proof is in the photos!) and her style is simply impeccable and always original.
Congrats, Anna, on a well deserved (and gorgeously styled) spread! Love the mix of chairs at this dining table, and of course, the use of the "For Like Ever" poster above (I have yet to find a place in my home for my own print, and I'm now feeling very inspired!).

As for me, yes I'm still on vacation this week, and will be working on finally updating my blogroll as well as pulling together the details for the wedding blog (I must be insane). So, I hope you'll continue to enjoy the guest bloggers and I promise to pop in a bit this week too.