Friday, August 28, 2009

On Vacation With... ME!

Well, my lovelies, I have to start by saying THANK YOU for letting me 'escape' for a month while taking a little blog vacation and time to refocus and rejuvinate! I've been busy busy, re-imagining the blog a bit, working on the upcoming launch of the c+k wedding blog, and catching up on life in general. How great were all the vacation guest posts too? Some amazing places were featured, and I thank everyone who send in a submission - unfortunately there just wasn't room for all of them!

So, to end the week, I thought I'd share a bit of my own recent vacation to San Francisco for the Blog Out Loud event (more on that next week!)...
The Marina area of SF is one of my most favorite spots - quiet, gorgeous homes and apartments, right by the water with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge... and fabulous food and little shops!
The boy and I treated ourselves to some fabulous food around the city. We enjoyed an insanely yummy lunch at A16, wine with good friends at Press Club, brunch with Anne (of the City Sage) and her husband at Absinthe, discovered a new favorite specialty roll at Sushi Groove South, had a wonderful dinner with friends at Maverick and I topped things off with a lunch date on my last day there with the adorable Melissa of Ruby Press at 54 Mint.

Of course, a trip to SF wouldn't be complete without a little shopping! While I was very good at not bringing back any purchases with me (that's right - ANY) I was definitely lusting after a few pieces from the shops we popped into!
One of my favorites was a new shop in town, Seams Boutique, owned by my good friend Stephanie who has done an amazing job putting together a collection of very wearable and stylish clothing, accessories and jewelry. I fell in the love with the necklace (it says besos!), and this oversized bag.

Another shop we popped into after brunch with Anne was Propeller Modern, curated by the owner Lorn who shared with us some the stories behind the amazing pieces he carries. My favorite was this chair that was actually created by a student designer who was chosen to have her piece reproduced by Bernhardt Design. The bowl is also an amazing piece of art - the ceramic flowers are actually 'sewn' onto the bowl with thick thread, and the piece is handcrafted in Peru. I die!
We hit up the farmers market at the Ferry Building, where I was delighted to see the Farmer's Favorite Peach... ;)
And finally, the Blog Out Loud event took place on Sunday evening at BellJar, where we could barely stop ooooohing and aaaaahhing over the the gorgeous shop long enough to hold the panel! The event was fantastic and well-attended, and it was so wonderful to meet some fellow bloggers and readers in person!! Next week, I'll be sharing more on the topics discussed at the event, but for now, I will just say thank you to Rebecca and Megan for putting it all together! (By the way, that's me with Anne and Rebecca!)

Whew! And that's a wrap. I'll be back in full swing next week and I can't wait to share some new features and ideas with you... Have a fantastic weekend all!