Friday, August 14, 2009

On Vacation With... The Right Bank

Hello, coco+kKelley readers! I'm Alek from From the Right Bank to the Left Coast and I live to travel so when Cassandra said she was doing a vacation series, I just had to chime in!

In the summer when everyone is hitting the beaches, I'm more inclined to look for cooler climes. Since I'm also obsessed with Scandinavia, if I were to go away right now, I would head to the mountains and fjords of Norway.


I would check myself into the very special Storfjord Hotel . . .

Picture 36

...and spend my days touring the fjords by boat and taking lots of photographs.

Picture 38

Then in the evenings, it would be gourmet dinners in the timber lined dining room followed by reading, rest and relaxation.

Picture 39

That's what I call a summer vacation! Now, please excuse me while I go pack my bags . . .

*photos: 2&