Thursday, August 13, 2009

Room of the Week 8.13

I know I'm supposed to be on 'vacation', but I just couldn't stop myself from sharing this incredible room today...
How crazy awesome is this bedroom from the pages of House Beautiful? There are so many insane details, I notice something new every time I look at it. To me, the bed frame is the centerpiece to the room, and everything else compliments it perfectly. I love the little random stools and rugs, the way they painted a design around what looks to be an unusable door, the art is completely perfect, and that funky lamp! Oh my! Such a fresh palette! The nightstand is the only piece that looks slightly out of place to me. While you know I like my mix of new and old, I would have rather seen a beat up wooden piece in this room.

What do you think? Could you live with this? It reminds me of this room by Roger Davies, but lightened up. I think I could live with this version!