Monday, September 21, 2009

Color In the Bedroom: Tangerine + Grey

Ok, fine - I'll tell. After the great paint debate, I went with my initial instincts and painted our bedroom a gorgeous shade of very pure (and dark!) grey. Since then, I've been working on accent colors... my favorite? The addition of a lovely tangerine to keep the palette playful...
I really love the idea of keeping the rest of the room light, but sophisticated, and these spaces from Martha Stewart are the perfect inspiration. Incorporating a lighter shade of grey with a touch of blue makes things feel a bit beachy, which I love, and the tangerine (or perhaps a coral?) adds a surprising pop.
The next project we'll be tackling are these nightstands! I'm trying to figure out a two-tone combo that I'll love... but these solids are also inspiring with the way the brass pops off of them! What do you think?