Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Great Paint Debate

I've created the look. I've chosen the fabrics. I've painted a picture in my head of exactly what I'd like my bedroom to look like... but I just can't paint the walls. The problem? I keep oscillating between two colors that feel dramatically different, but both being used in the palette for the room. So, of course, my dear readers, I turn to you for assistance...
In corner #1? We have grey. Quite the popular color these days, and one I swore I'd never use seeing as every day in Seattle seems grey, but for the the bedroom? The place where you're supposed to be sleepy? I can absolutely see it working for me. Not to mention I love the way it adds a bit of drama, and check out how it makes that gilded chair and framing pop!

And in corner #2...?
A soft but rich tone of caramel that I couldn't quite capture in either of these rooms, but you get the idea. Think worn in leather and nudes. I just can't help thinking that waking up to that color would feel like a soft blanket of warmth, even in the dreariest of days. But, I'm also afraid it might overwhelm the space a bit.

So, I'm letting you battle it out for me. What do you say? And have any of you used similar shades of paint in your own homes? Please share! (I want names, people!)

*rooms via the moment, living etc, elle decor, and unknown.