Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In The Details: Folding Doors, Chess Pieces + More

So many rooms in my files have cool little features that I love, and from time to time I've done posts to point them out, but starting today, these posts will be titled as a series here on coco+kelley, which means you can find the tag for it over in the sidebar under 'In The Details'. I hope they'll bring you some pieces of inspiration and ideas for original style in your own homes!

And now for a few of my current favorites...
From the portfolio of GP Schafer, I adore the idea of using a vintage screen for a doorway divider where there might not otherwise be a door! And in this photo by Hugh Stewart, I spotted these oversized chess pieces being used for decor - in a polished metallic finish that makes them quite glam. Love it!
I love how curated this hallway feels, but I especially love the low shelving. Not very practical for homes with rambunctious animals or children, but it's amazing how it makes this already high-ceilinged entryway feel even larger! The proportions of everything in this space (via nuevo estilo) are so well played.
One of my all-time favorite bars, that I believe I originally found via decor8. I love that it even has its own teensy little lamp on it! (Not to mention the combination of those chrome chairs with a rustic dining table.) It's unpretentious placement and crowded tray make it perfectly inviting!