Monday, September 14, 2009

Primary Palettes

While I don't think many of us would run to decorate any space in primary colors, when your basic red, yellow and blue take on different shades, the color combo can become surprisingly sophisticated...
I have always loved this shot of Keira Knightley from one of my favorite editorials (and I'm not really a huge fan of hers) because I adore the mix of styles here - preppy safari meets bohemian is how I suppose I'd summarize it, which is exactly how this room via House Beautiful comes across to me. Refined, but worldy (and perhaps a tad overwhelming? I'll let you be the judge). It got me thinking about how I'd recreate this palette in my own home - starting with that pillow from Koko Company. A shade of blue that looks more grey, a golden mustard yellow and a more coral tone of red. Then I stumbled upon this photo in my archives and thought - now that combo has serious potential. Again a more retro golden shade of yellow, a pure bright red, and a gorgeous teal blue. Anchored by black and beige, it's a winning palette - and almost perfectly represented in this room via Canadian House & Home - all it needs is a touch of the blue! Rich and intense, the amount of beige (and light!) in this room keeps the palette from becoming too heavy.