Thursday, September 3, 2009

Room of the Week 9.3

As we slowly, reluctantly move into fall, I find myself wanting to pull in richer colors (my rooms have been very neutral with accents of pale blues and touches of gold all summer). So, I've been collecting color schemes in my head, and this cozy dining room seems to be just about perfect...

You may remember that I started a little Domino Magazine pool right after our *sob* favorite glossy folded, and that is where I rediscovered this beautifully understated room. Sometimes I kick myself for purchasing so many furniture pieces in neutrals, but this room (once again!) proves how smart this strategy is - especially for designers on a budget! By changing the accessories, the mood can be totally transformed. Take away those saturated blue drapes, the bowls on the mantel, orange artwork and accents on the table, and you've got a completely clean slate to work with!

Since moving in with the boy, I have been trying to incorporate more blue (his favorite color as far as I can tell), and I myself have been drawn to corals, pinks and oranges. While this space is a bit more traditional than I'd normally be attracted to, the clean furniture lines help it feel somewhat modern, and I'm dying for that chandelier! Interesting that they chose to use something mounted vs. hanging, no? Above all, I love that the room still feels very fresh and simple - something I always aim for in my designs.