Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rooms from the Runway: The Benz Edition

As I was working on my Rooms from the Runway feature for LoftLife yesterday (where I blog every Tuesday!) I came up with more than one pairing using some gorgeous looks from the talented Chris Benz' Fall 09 collection, so I thought I'd share a few with you all as well!
I love this amazing structural dress... in a vibrant shade of green, no less! The simplicity of the piece showcases Benz' craftsmanship and shape so well. Just like the home of Herve Van der Straeten captured by Simon Watson. Perfectly placed pieces and minimal clutter so the focus is on the lines. So fresh and refined.

But, as most of you probably know, it's really Chris' passion for color that he's known for...
So finding a designer brave enough to take inspiration from his runway looks is rare! Tobi Fairley captures the yellow and blue combo perfectly by mixing in some great pattern, and the home of the talented Lee Kleinhelter features a loud yellow and white mix that is quite daring. Do you think you could take these colors into your own home?

Don't forget to check out what might be my favorite matchup right here - it's a perfect blend of glamour and color if I do say so myself...