Monday, September 14, 2009

Society For Rational Dress

While living in LA, I had the opportunity to meet a fantastically talented and all around awesome gal by the name of Corinne Grassini. Not familiar? Well, then maybe you've heard of her label - Society for Rational Dress...
Last week, she passed along the lookbook for her spring 2010 collection, giving me a sneak peek at what was in store, and I swooned BIGTIME as I took in all the slinky silky materials, perfect layered styles and beautiful muted tones. It's no wonder that she's been designing an exclusive line for Barneys and has launched an appointment-only shop called The Reserve where she sells eco-conscious pieces cut from stock fabric from previous seasons that feature her signature details.
And, might I just mention that Corinne knows how to decorate too? Her home is filled with gorgeous vintage pieces that had me snooping through every floor - specifically this coffee table in her living room. I was thrilled to see it make an appearance in the book. I highly suggest taking a look at her Fall 2009 collection on the website as well... it totally inspired me to mix some knits into my wardrobe immediately!