Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stockholm Shopping - Fabulous Fashion Finds!

During my little blog-cation, many readers contributed posts on their own little vacations, including Rand Niederhoffer, co-owner of Thistle & Clover boutique. She was just jetting off to Sweden and promised, when she returned, to give c+k readers a peek into her favorite shops. Well, my dears... here she is!
Why Hello Lovelies! I hope you've all had a simply delightful summer. As co-owner of Brooklyn boutique Thistle & Clover, I follow a wide variety of different style and design blogs. But the content on coco+kelley always keeps me coming back for more, so I was just over the moon when Cassandra asked me to write a mini-shopping guide to Stockholm for all you fabulous coco+kelley readers!

Stockholm is a truly incredible city. I could go on forever about all the wonderful places I visited this summer (Just ask my bf & b partner Camilla Gale). Still - for the sake of your sanity - I’ll do my best to keep the list short and sweet. Call it my quick, zippy, Swedish Fashion in a nutshell. Please feel free to email me if you want any more info! I’d be more than happy to share! xoR
*From top left: Ivy covered shed on the Feather Islands, Camilla Norback, from Camilla Norback Online, Fjaderholmarna sailboat, Stockholm Street Style shot, Kocksgatan 17 menswear, Facehunter pic, Delish desert buffet at the Berns Hotel

Acne: The first thing I should mention is that Scandinavian women are GORGEOUS and can literally make a sack look stunning. The Acne store employees, who looked radiant in their drapey cocktail dresses and column sheaths, perhaps best exemplify this phenomenon. I tried on a couple pieces from the eveningwear collection and I ended up looking a bit like a less-elegant Tilda Swinton would if she were attacked by some angry upholstery fabric.
I did fall in love with a pair of champagne harem pants though! (See my sneaky shot at left) I forced myself to put them down, since they weren’t the most practical addition to my wardrobe, and bought a pretty cashmere blazer and boyfriend tee instead. A girl could spend hours here. Tear yourself away and skip over to Hope. It’s a mere three be-cobbled blocks away!
Hope: Hope boutique’s oaken fixtures and array of interesting separates had me at hello! When I walked in, handsome men in tortoise-shelled glasses were chatting with the store manager, creating a dashing tableau vivant of the store’s clubby aesthetic. I noticed right away that Hope had the best accessories on display: covetable perfumes, sweet smelling candles and erudite art books! I love it when a store offers more then just clothing. It really makes the experience for me. The icing on the cake, you ask? Location! Hope is right around the corner from the Berns hotel. The Berns has an amazing desert buffet everyday from 12-4pm, which was one of the highlights of my trip! It’s such a treat getting to indulge yourself after a day window shopping with some tasty, sugary confections!
Whyred: Last stop of the day was Whyred. The two story Whyred boutique in the heart of Ostermalm is three parts Vena Cava, one part Isabel Marant and shaken with a splash of Opening Ceremony thrown in for good measure. The slouchy silhouettes and slippery silks immediately caught my attention. The collection also had some beautiful printed pieces, a welcome respite from the icy -dare I say Nordic- color palettes many of the Swedish designers favor. I later found out that Whyred is the love child of three former H&M employees, which explains their somewhat playful take on fashion!
That’s all for now choufleurs. I hoped you enjoyed the mini-guide! If you’re craving more Scandinavian fashion, the lovely Silje Chantel (pictured at center) edits a great blog that focuses on Norwegian and Stockholm style. I’m totally hooked!