Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Conde Nast...

Ok, fine. So you took away Domino. Only one of the most innovative home decor mags out there, and one that seemed to be holding its own in popularity. But, it was new, and I suppose we can respect the 'need' to salvage industry staples like Architectural Digest (no, I don't don't read it and neither do the majority of us here in blogland).

But, now you're taking away a magazine that has been stacking up in my house since I was a child. A magazine that has inspired my family recipes, with some of the most stunning photography I have ever seen. A magazine that has inspired my own tabletop decor as I'm sure it has to many others... and one that is what I would consider an industry staple (and with a restaurateur father, I think I would know!).

How dare you take away our Gourmet! Honestly, Conde Nast. Who is making these decisions? I'm sure you have your reasons. Some numbers telling you these were the right  moves to make. And I won't pretend to understand it, or have all the answers or even to know better than you. But, I am so disappointed and saddened by this news.

And, Gourmet won't be the only one leaving... Cookie (another well loved publication among many bloggers) Modern Bride and Elegant Bride will all be closed as well.

What I truly don't understand is that Cookie and Domino both seemed to have a healthy online presence. So what gives? Online readers are using social media to share your stories, growing your readership and popularity - and you're pushing them away by not only shutting down the magazines, but their websites as well. What about keeping an online presence? Or at least resurrecting galleries and archives? I can only hope that these closures are a part of a bigger plan - that somewhere in the future we'll have even better publications aligned with innovative websites so we can integrate magazines into new media. After all, there's nothing like the feel of holding a magazine in your hand, flipping pages, tearing out inspirations and waiting for the next issue so you can do it all over again.