Friday, October 2, 2009

L is For...

Lonny! Oh, and it's also for LOVE. Because there has been a barren little vacancy in all our designer hearts since the folding of Domino, and it has just been FILLED!

I was so excited to flip through the pages of this new online magazine brought to us by the talented co-founders, Michele Adams and Patrick Cline (who photographed the issue),  and thrilled to see some interiors reflecting my own recent obsessions...

Like touches of olive green, my new favorite gender friendly combo of grey+tangerine, and lots of bar styling!

Not to mention some genius ideas and resources, like this gorgeous pillow created by Eddie Ross from the delicate beading of a dress, or the cute tray used by Grace Bonney under her dishes (so much better than those dingy gross white rubber things!), and these leopard coasters that provide just that touch of rowr to any room - they are soooo calling my name.

I'm sure most of you have already read through the issue (or maybe you're saving it for a weekend treat!), but I couldn't not throw out praise for this project that beyond exceeded my expectations. Thank you Lonny!!