Thursday, October 8, 2009

Room of the Week (And our Elle Decor Book Winner!)

Since I completely forgot to announce the winner of Elle Decor's latest publication, Style & Substance, I figure we'll do a little two-in-one today... but first, the Room of the Week!
And yes, of course it's from Elle Decor (we had to tie this in somehow!). But seriously... that wall color? It has rich yummy fall written all over it. This, my friends, is the home of Keith Johnson and Glen Senk (buyer for Anthropologie, and CEO of Urban Outfitters), and it's calling my name big time.

I am a huge fan of worn in leathers and that collective look that Anthropologie is so known for... the sconces are vintage, the antique English sof served as inspiration for Anthropologie’s Cotswold bestseller, and the cocktail table is a former sculpture stand. The balance of comfy and chic here is incredible. The only piece I don't love is that orange sidetable (to the left). Not my style, but the color is perfection and I like the added modern touch. But mostly, I want someone to slather that paint all over my living room.

And just because I loved this home so much...
The brighter much more refined living room.
And a fantastic dining room - love the bench, love the lantern, LOVE the wallpaper.

And now for our winner! Congrats to Brittany whose favorite cover was June/July 2000. Thanks for all who shared their own inspirations!