Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Julie here from Chapman Interiors and today we'll be wandering through a land of bubbly blush and risque rose (just in time for Pantone's color of the year) . Spring is (almost) in the air, and just the notion calls for silky drapes in the softest ivory, flirting with cozy gilded frames and furniture.

A gracious and girly parlour filled with bright whites and speckled with gold and pink, is just sweet enough to brighten any one's day. The abstract art and minimalist feel keeps things from being a touch too sugary. 

Pools of soft linen and silk guarantee a Marie Antoinette atmosphere while more touches of gold abound.
I love the surprise pop of bubble-gum ottomans waiting cheerfully at the entry to greet guests (and of course, serve for a pretty little place to put your purse!)

How do we duplicate this glamorous look at home? Stick with a parchment base, add a dash of glittery gold, and sprinkle blush and honeysuckle throughout (sort of like your own cherry-on-top). And, because most of us can't get away with too much pink, we opt for some subtle blushes and nudes...
The crocodile ottomans bring in a soft tan while the kilim rug adds worldly flair and incorporates a touch more of that pink we're after. Group framed art together with assorted frames (at least a couple of them should be gilded and on the wider side) add a marble topped table and a traditional french chair and you, my dear, are well on your way to an afternoon of tea and crumpets, surely to be followed by lounging in the late afternoon sun... ahhh just right.


(images via Suzanne Kasler)