Thursday, February 17, 2011


As much as I love a beautiful, polished space, I will readily admit that it's just not me. My favorite rooms are definitely the ones that have a little more organic character to them...
Something a bit more like this! The space still holds some glamorous gems, like the lucite coffee table and velveteen chair (how stunning are the lines in the piece, by the way?), but elements like the sisal rug, country-inspired daybed and industrial desk area bring a casual feel to the room that balances things out so nicely. And let's talk for a minute about that wall! I can't tell if it's faux or real, but the distressed finish is reminiscent of aging frescoes in Italian villas, and therefore quite fantastic, if you ask me! Not to mention a huge space dedicated to an inspiration board. Yes please!

Sadly, I have no idea where this image came from (a little help?) so can't offer much insight to the actual function of this space, but it looks like an office area to me (see the other little desk to the left?) I, however, would feel right at home making this my living room. Would you?

*update! resource found: atlanta homes & lifestyles via my new favorite tumblr the house home