Thursday, March 24, 2011


Happy spring, all you gorgeous c+k readers! Camille Styles here, with today's "fantasy" that proves I'm dreaming of a season brimming with brilliant color...
Why not throw a party that takes a cue from the vivid spectrum of a painter's palette? A canopy of hand-cut garlands, packages tied with rainbow yarn, and pantone-inspired place cards are perfect inspiration for a fête that's full of little surprises.
Food Fashion Friends-Art Party
Bold color is even more jaw-dropping when placed against a stark white background. This particular scene is set in a photography studio, although any warehouse space would do the trick just fine.
Food Fashion Friends-Art Party 3
A monochromatic background shines when bursting with pops of color, like these multi-hued glass vases that serve as a modern alternative to a floral centerpiece. Such an occasion most definitely calls for a menu with a few surprises:
meyer lemon soufflés reveal a deliciously creamy center when cut. Check out the recipe for these, and the rest of our Arty Party menu here.
Food Fashion Friends-Art Party2-500
Is this not the
most clever way to assign seating? Black painters' tape laid artfully on painted concrete provides sharp contrast in black and white, inviting guests to settle in and take their seat on the floor. (Don't forget to throw lots of pillows around for those who prefer a bit of cushioning!)
Food Fashion Friends-Art Party 4
Multi-hued glass vases are an artsy alternative to flowers on the table. I'd love to collect
one of these in every color!

*images: {row 1} french colours poster, garland, tickets, crudites {row 2} pastels, cake {row 3} rainbow dress, knitted gift, garland, colored sugar {row 4} party horn, cake, pantone seating cards, rainbow chairs. All party images scanned by me from food fashion friends.