Friday, March 25, 2011


Wednesday was the beginning of Westweek at the Pacific Design Center - a week of lectures, events, parties and more for the interior design world of Los Angeles. And there were parties. And more parties. And did I mention parties?

I'm Alissa of The Goods Design, here to bring you the best of the best of Los Angeles' interior design parties, people, places and things. My first stop for the fabulous fetes was the James Perse outdoor furniture showroom opening. It had the key elements necessary for a fabulous party: margaritas and a ping-pong table. The ping pong table was a huge hit - Jessica of Life's Little Jems dominated!
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The furniture was divine. The flowers were gorgeous. The line to the bar went out the door. All signs of a raging success!
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Just around the corner was the Elle Decor/Brown Jordan party. Even though it was pouring rain in LA, it felt like summer with all these outdoor furniture fetes!
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Me and Michael Boodro {editor-in -chief of Elle Decor} enjoying the gorgeous Brown Jordan showroom.

There were loads of succulents, modern outdoor furniture and fabulous LA designers.
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{Brooke Gardner, Amanda Malson of Domicile ID, Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise & Jolene Ballard of Domicile ID}

After all this party hopping, I'm off to soak my feet! It's a tough life, but someone's gotta do it!