Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There's nothing like some unexpected surprise details in a home to make things feel just a little more special... but this first space is over the top in fabulousness...
in the details piano+under+staircase
On top of the gorgeous overall contrast of salvage + modern, the piano tucked under the stairs is what did me in the most. Can you imagine music magically drifting through the space?
in the details exposed+brick+ceiling
One of my other favorite surprises is when ceilings are given a little extra attention - in this case beautifully rounded exposed brick with a glamorous chandelier makes for a stunning rustic meets traditional look.
in the details mirror+collage+collection
And, finally, a perfect example of practical meets pretty with this collection of antique gilded mirrrors as an accent to the full wall mirror. A fun way to create a little playful moment in an otherwise simple space.

*rooms via tumblr and skona hem