Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today we are going to go on a new kind of tour. Not so much the traditional home tour I usually discuss, instead, today we are going to rummage through the archives of famed designer Tony Duquette. Don't fret my loves, before I'm done here I plan on leaving you armed with how to get his look, for your home.
Let's begin by having a peek at a few of his spaces...
You see, Tony was best known for "More is More". You won't find any sparsely decorated spaces with Tony's stamp on them. His are the kind out of story books; rich with mind boggling layers and details. Every room calls to nature in some way or another (or entirely) .

It was in the 30's is when his career took off. Tony started in costume and set design, then naturally it evolved into creating magical spaces for everyday people instead of just for the dreamlands of movies. But he really did it all; costumes, sets, (especially) jewelery, interiors, there was nothing his creative mind didn't fiddle with.
Tony was native to Los Angeles, he lived and practiced there for his entire life. He was married to Elizabeth Johnstone for 46 years before she died in 1995. He died 4 years later due to heart complications.

With such complex layers of design going on, let's start by breaking down the dominant characteristics of his work before we attempt our own version...

* Rich textures, including plenty of velvet.
* Opulent metal work, detailed scrolls and woven patterns.
* He's quite attracted to jade green and uses it in nearly each space.
* Leopard print, reptile skins, mounted beasts... these all live in his master plan.
* Asian influences.
* Finishing touches are down-to-the-last-detail, usually scrolling and delicate, tiny and indiscernible through a camera lens, but in person, the texture lives in the details.

While his spaces are certainly indulgent and probably and not realistic for everyday life, they are definitely something we can draw deeply from, infusing our homes with sparkle (like that incredible mica wall covering!) and saturated color palettes including cardamoms and mints. Love it.


*learn more details about Tony here.