Thursday, March 24, 2011


In searching for some rooms that had that beach-house feeling without being too... well... beachy, I discovered this home designed by Bear-Hill Interiors, and fell in love with this room...
bear hill interiors foyer beach
My number one requirement in a vacation home is that every space must lower my blood pressure exponentially. This is so doing it for me. The mix of patterns in a soft grey - especially the placement of the wallpaper - keeps it from being too boring, and the pop of aqua is the perfect touch. The benches are also keeping things functional (pssst - styling trick, notice how the pillows are turned opposite so we're seeing only the stripe from the photographer's perspective?). There's definitely a relaxed sophistication going on here, which is very much my style. So... when can I move in?

*room design by bear-hill interiors