Wednesday, March 23, 2011


With all the jet-setting I've been doing lately, I recently realized... I really needed to invest in a new travel bag. I started scouring for some favorites, when a lovely little package arrived for me last week: my very own Tory Burch Robinson Tote!
tory burch bag and travel socks
The bag is perfectly spacious without feeling overbearing (important for a shorty like me!) and so sturdy I know it will make many, many trips with me in the future! I can throw my laptop in, no problem, and the style is purely classic. In trying to steer away from my usual black, I requested the navy, but I really love the luggage, metallic or white versions best - the gold hardware makes a huge difference!

For a little extra love, I also found a pair of Tory's travel socks (they hide in that little pouch, clip into your purse, and when you have to take off your chic heels in the dreaded security line... you whip those puppies out so your bare feet aren't on the floor!).

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Tory Burch for such an amazing gift! Now I'm totally set for my next trip!
xo cassandra