Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Let me just start off this post by admitting that I don't speak a word of French. (I promise this will be relevant before you are finished reading!) So, when I was flipping through the Côté Maison site yesterday and stumbled across these provocative images, I assumed I was looking at one big eclectic home...
"Perfect!" I thought to myself, "I'll use this space for my coco+kelley post!" Well, since Côté Maison is in French I didn't realize I was actually reading about several homes - not just one. But I really, really wanted it to be the same home...
Because these rooms are amazing! (like Mary McDonald's dressing room, wearing a flame stitch wall covering, designed by her, for Osborne & Little).
And, it seems viable for all this color to be under one roof, based on bold pattern-play running rampant. So, indulge with me in this fantasy, won't you?
And let's pretend that our nontraditional pied-à-terre be in Paris... with a view of course.
Now some (loose) guidelines to inspire our own room...

Using a French settee as our classical proportion, we flank it with tall luxurious lamps, then add an amazing outspoken coffee table, just to mix things up. The bright rug offers a (much needed) dose of color and pattern, while a Gala chair introduces unexpected texture.

Layer on tons of throw pillows in wild prints and patterns, and, voila! Your own crazy little pied-à-terre is ready for serious lounging and champagne sipping.