Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today was one of those days... woke up and dashed off to the DMV to replace my license (lost last weekend when it flew off the boat and into the lake!), ran home to meet up with my sister so I could speed her to the airport, back home for a quick lunch, then off to an eye appointment (horrible vision is a great excuse for new glasses!). And somewhere in there, I managed to style up this gorgeous little necklace...
Just one of the very chic pieces at Minoux, sent to a circle of bloggers this week for us to all style up differently! I love seeing how everyone is doing it up differently. I thought I'd style something I could plan to wear in Austin this weekend, and this ensemble will definitely be packed!

Each blogger chose from a similar style that comes in different sizes and metals. The large pyramid caught my eye with its mix of gold and silver - the perfect size to be noticed, but small enough to still feel delicate. Plus... well, she hangs just right if you ask me. Sometimes a simple necklace is all you need for a little sex appeal (nuff said?).

To check out how all the other gals are doing it... click on through!

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How would you wear it?? 

*what i'm wearing: dress anthropologie, denim jacket h&m, gold belt banana republic, gold sandals f21, necklace minoux