Monday, May 16, 2011


Good morning, beautiful people! How was the weekend?

As I promised myself, I finally took a few days to relax a bit after all the travel I've been doing and it was absolutely lovely. Of course... this girl can't stay in one place too long, which is why I spent Saturday night researching and making plans for a very exciting destination in June...
sunny matchup marigold+green+taupe
Italy!! Exactly one month from today my entire family (mom, dad and sis) will be jetting off for a few weeks in the saturated sunshine of Sicily. I'm already dreaming of the wardrobe I'll be packing and the fabulous hotels we'll be lounging in... 
ocean matchup aqua+black+white
Not to mention time spent on salty beaches as we make our way up to the Amalfi Coast! It's been years since I made the time to hop across the globe for a real getaway, and I cannot wait. We'll also be stopping through Calabria to visit the small town my father was born in, and - fingers crossed - spending one indulgent night in Capri just me and my sis.

Anyone have suggestions for our little escape? I'd love to hear them!

*images via pinterest, kimberly ayres, pinterest, and flickr