Thursday, May 19, 2011


"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language." -Henry James
Camille Styles here, and I wholeheartedly second that there anything lovelier than a leisurely picnic in May that stretches into evening hours? Especially if it happens to be a romantic picnic for two, like the fantasy board I designed for today's guest post. A muted palette of olive and caramel reflects the natural surroundings; lots of rustic wood elements add a touch of rustic style and are a perfect foil to a feminine frock that's required attire for such a rendezvous.

Country Picnic1
The key to a great picnic? A chic picnic basket, of course! A wicker hamper is a classic choice that oozes summer nostalgia.
Country Picnic2-c+k
Pack it full of treats that are easy to eat, and transport well. These almond, elderflower and lime travel cakes are totally finger-friendly, and even better when served on mismatched vintage china. It's not exactly practical...but sometimes prettier is worth it.
Country Picnic3-c+k
Craving something savory? This picnic bread is even better when made the day before so that all the flavors (figs & cheddar!) can meld together. Wrap it up in parchment and tie with a bow made of twine.
Country Picnic5
A few extra pieces like rustic wood trays, exotic throw pillows and a vintage quilt to sit on complete the cozy set-up. An ipod loaded with folksy favorites, and a bottle of bubbly are all that's needed for a picnic that turns into an evening under the stars.

*images: {row 1} provencal picnic; bay leaf place setting; key invitation, communcal table {row 2} carafe, peaches, flowers {row 3} olives, winery reception & wedding cake, picnic {row 4} picnic, couple. All other party images: food fashion friends.