Monday, May 2, 2011


It's Alissa of The Goods Design here, bringing you the best of the best of Los Angeles' interior design events, people, places and things. This week I popped into the Kravet showroom for a little Ralph Lauren Home fete. Delicious food + gorgeous fabrics = a designer who loves her job.

It seems like the next big thing these days is taking a step away from the very "designed" interiors, and moving more towards a layered look - as though it was collected over time throughout your travels.

Love it. Please sign me up immediately.
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Gorgeous inspiration image from this season's Ralph Lauren Home collection. I'm obsessed with that leather chair (if you are looking for something to buy me).

The event was focused on debuting some of their new fabrics, and I fell for a few of them... like this brown zebra print (but let's be honest, I never met a zebra print I didn't love).
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Believe it or not, this is a silk. It looks like something you might have picked up on your travels in India, but soft as a baby's you-know-what.
RL also revealed their upcoming outdoor collection, and that's when the oooh's and ahh's really started to happen. Their outdoor fabrics are amazingly soft and this inspiration image has me ready to throw a garden party. Now.
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More gorgeous (outdoor) fabrics included an embroidered sheer based off the African kuba-cloth.
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This blue ikat (on the right) combines everyone's favorites - an exotic ikat AND a chevron. Win-win! And the blue paisley on the left would be an insane outdoor drapery or banquette cushion.
I loved hearing about the design process (they create a fictional character and create an entire collection around that person) but once the fabrics were passed around, I really started to swoon. Linens with a gorgeous gold sheen, luxurious silks, timeless animal prints. So many of the fabrics came with a patina - already sun-kissed or tea-stained. I was in decorator heaven.

*all inspiration images from the Ralph Lauren Home website, all fabric photos taken by Alissa Swedlow