Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There won't be one piece of furniture or art in the upcoming Manhattan flat that won't provoke some kind of emotion. Now I can't guarantee you'll love every choice in this 1100 sqft, but thought-provoking? Indeed. Plus it's always fun to see highly a confident sense of style rolled into one fabulous space.

Julie here from Chapman Interiors taking you through Robert Passal's untamed home where we find a classic portrait and periwinkle Berger chair paired with a 60's glam mirrored parsons style table.. a cocktail of a room! The bone colored walls lets each piece stand center stage. The graphic rug is the only bold pattern and truly anchors the room.
The cafe colored built-ins clad the walls of the adjoining dining room (which can become a study or guest room when necessary) adorned with a mismatched collection of chairs and a Lalanne Sheep - which I personally love. It would be impossible to have a serious conversation with that piece in the room! Notables here: Love the silver klismos chair and check out the chandelier in the living room! Amazing!
I'll readily admit that the chair is too crazy even for me, and I'm willing to push the envelope quite a bit when it comes to design. However, I love the sconces built in to the head board and the zebra wall-to-wall carpet. The little blue bowl reminds me of the blue candle sticks in the dining room - a pop of simple but vibrant color.

Let's use the bold colors and glitzy accessories to make our own space:

I'm really loving each piece here, especially the 1st dibs sheep (even the knock off one is 8k, so if you're out vintage shopping and spot one of these, at minimum it'd be a great investment). The trick here is to use a few clean- lined pieces (think the Greek key pattern rug and the deco chair) add a few fun glitzy pieces (mirrored side table and crystal candle holder) and then make the rest of the pieces bright and whimsical. Ground your space with a neutral color. Bonus? You are free to swap out the bolder pieces as you tire of them. And then throw fabulous dinner parties where everyone will have sheep-envy.