Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday I hauled booty up to Target on the hunt for an iPad (the model I wanted is sold out everywhere!), and practically ran over the poor guy who was eyeing the very last one they had to get my hot little hands on it (success!). After promptly purchasing I of course had to roam the store... you know, just to see what deals might be calling my name...
casbah inspired interior2
And what did I find? Not one, but two of the Calypso for Target poufs that I have been coveting! So, I've decided to continue my Modern Moroccan fantasy for the office with some Arabian decor, adding in some more whimsical ideas with a caravan of camels rug, a perfectly appropriate pendant, and kaleidoscopic pillows. I can see them all surrounded by billowing sheer curtains...
casbah inspired ensemble2
And of course, you'll find me perched on my pouf in this ensemble. A glamorous little romper, elephant ring, and jutti slippers. Perfect for summer workdays! Who wants to come over and lounge??