Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I returned from Italy last Wednesday night, and I've been pouring over my memories as if they occurred years ago, it already seems so far away! Many of you asked for photos, so I'm going to share as much as I can but will be spreading things out a bit so I don't overwhelm...
italy coco+kelley gelato sandals vespa
The trip was (of course) wonderful and delicious, our days filled to the brim with inspiration, relaxation, and plenty of sights to see. I indulged in too much gelato, followed strict instructions from many of you to invest in some sandals from Capri, enjoyed the beaches, and took in the beauty that surrounded us.
sorrento coco+kelley2
The trip started in Sicily and ended in Capri with just one day in Rome before I flew back home. So, I'll be sharing a few places and pieces of inspiration from each stop throughout the next month! Not to mention showing off a few more purchases and sharing some recipes. Much much more to come!!
xo cassandra
*all photography by me, edited on instagram.