Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The next stops on our quick little journey were to Sorrento and Positano where we spent about a full day in each city relaxing enjoying a little beach (or should I say cliff?) time...
Our hotel was just two blocks up from the waterfront, and this was the view that greeted us on our first day in Sant'Agnello where we stayed (just outside of Sorrento, it's a little more quiet than being downtown).

Having been to the Amalfi Coast before, I took less photos for some silly reason, but I managed to snap a few good ones on our trip to Positano the next day...
I couldn't resist the Missoni shop - it was too perfect! And so is this postcard-worthy view!
There was tons of shopping in Positano, and I came home with some goodies! When we stumbled upon this display of loafers in every possible color though, I froze up and couldn't decide which ones I loved the most! Just looking at them again, I get overwhelmed! Green? Peach? Lilac? Red? What would you have chosen?  
And again - more eating! Of course. This is one of my favorite traditional dishes - I remember my Nonna and my father making it from time to time growing up. It's squash or zucchini blossoms stuffed with fresh ricotta or goat cheese, lightly fried, and served with fresh basil and pomodoro. (If you want to test it out yourself, try this recipe from Giada for the goat cheese, or this recipe from bon appetit for the ricotta version!)

I've saved my favorite spot for last (just like we did in our trip!) so on Friday I will share my final destination - Capri!