Monday, July 11, 2011


While the rest of my family got to enjoy Sicily for about a week, I joined in the party a bit late, so my few days there were spent mainly in Catania. If you want a dose of real southern Sicilian living, I recommend diving into the culture here!
catania italy church + dinner
The fish market near the main piazza was a sight to see! (I of course didn't have my camera with me to capture it.) and we ate tons of fresh seafood for dinner both nights. My favorite was the spaghetti with clams. My father was more adventurous with his dish (on the right). The best part, though, was the evening light filtering into the square, drenching the church, and settling on us during dinner before disappearing. Can't you just feel the warm glow? 
Of course, after dinner I had to treat myself to my first gelato, and I chose the gelateria based completely on the fascinating ceiling. Looks like something Kelly Wearstler would approve of, no?

The next day was all about sightseeing, since it was Sunday and nothing was open. We roamed through the little town and found buildings old and new... all beautiful! 
catania italy buildings
We mused at how Italians always look so chic and cool, even in the middle of the heat, so we all practiced putting on our best faces to fit in. This is my "Oh, what, this gorgeous centuries-old church? Nothing I haven't seen before. Ho hum." face. What do you think?
rizzoti catania italy
I was so bummed when we passed Rizzotti and Zara Home and neither were open. Sundays in Europe! Ugh!! The best I could do was snap a few window shopping photos for you.
At the end of the afternoon we ended up in this big park that was wonderfully shaded and quiet... a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the city for a bit before packing up and leaving the next day for more adventures (tomorrow, tomorrow!).

ps - the b&b we stayed at in catania is called BAD, but don't let the name scare you. its decor was slightly hipster meets old world italy, we had our own private patio and kitchen, and the owners were wonderfully helpful! we also dined two nights in a row at the osteria antica sicilia, we loved it (and our waiter, paulo) so much. 

*photography by coco+kelley.