Monday, August 8, 2011


This weekend I got the keys to my new apartment. #26. Which is also my birthday. I think it's a sign? After walking into this big empty space all by myself I realized... this is the first time I've had my own place in four years. It's strange to not have to compromise on a design to fit a struggling budget or a boy. Strange and exhilarating!

So, naturally, I spent a little time this weekend pondering the design of the space - and here's what I've got started...
coco+kelley apartment inspiration1
I've got all white walls, light hardwood floors and big windows (photos of it all will be coming soon!) so most of these picks play off of those elements. I know that in the dining nook I'll want a bench seat, but also some chairs that are either the dark Thonet style or upholstered in a fun fabric. I'm trying to keep things small scale as it'll help give me flexibility with the layout and keep the space feeling uncluttered as I'll have to squeeze in my desk, living, and dining area all in one room.

Now that I've got a little bit of direction, I'm working on a color scheme and sourcing actual pieces! Stay tuned my friends - this is going to be a great little project to add to the blog!

To check out my sources and inspiration as I go, follow the apartment possibilities on pinterest!