Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm taking one more day off of work to attempt to get settled into my new place as much as possible. So, while I'm doing that... wouldn't you like a little tour?? I snapped some pics while the place was still empty so you can see what I'm working with. Here we go!
Picture 10
You enter right into a little hallway, which takes you into the living area...
Picture 9
A huge selling point for the apartment were the big windows and tons of natural light! Not to mention decent hardwood floors. The space to the right will be the breakfast nook area... at least that's the plan for now!
Picture 7
Picture 8
I'm still not positive on how the furniture is all going to layout - I have a few options - but I'm fairly sure my desk will go against this far wall.

Back down the hall is the bathroom...
Picture 5
It's the only space I don't really love - mostly because they've painted it a creamy color that I can't stand and the maroon tile isn't helping either. I'm going to go with a lot of white and grey to try and balance it out.

From the bathroom, we're back in the entryway! Another big selling point? Tons of closet space... 
Picture 3
The only awkward moment is the fact that the front door basically opens into the bedroom door. However, that little extra length in the bedroom? Totally worth it!
Picture 1
Picture 2
I have a feeling the bed will end up centered in front of the window once I get a headboard! For now, it's against the left wall, which is also nice as it keeps the room really open.

And now? I need some furniture! I have some small pieces that I've brought in, but I'm selling my sofa, and will still need a coffee table, dining table, chairs, desk, and dresser. Not to mention some lighting, mirrors and other accessories. And eventually a TV (preferably before baseball playoffs and college basketball season - the only reason I even want one!). But - just like I tell my clients - I'm trying not to rush into purchasing things just to purchase. First I need a stronger vision for each room and time to hunt down some great quality pieces, both new and old.

So... what do you think? Any ideas of your own you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!